Klondike’s Donut-Impressed Ice Cream Bars Now Have a Espresso-Flavored Addition

We love sharing all the latest tasty new treats!

Last yr, Klondike launched a model new line of donut-inspired ice cream bars with flavors like Boston Cream, Triple Chocolate, and Frosted Strawberry.

Now, Klondike is together with a fourth style to this line, and it seems like this one will truly seize that Saturday morning, coffee-and-donuts vibe, and we’re all in.

The model new Klondike Wake Me Up Espresso Donuts are set to hit grocery outlets nationwide later this month, and they also have been made with espresso lovers in ideas. These frozen treats are made with a 100% Arabica Colombian coffee-flavored frozen dairy dessert and coated in darkish chocolate hardshell with white confectionary drizzle.

Like the alternative Klondike Bars on this donut-inspired line, the Wake Me Up Espresso Donuts do have a niche throughout the heart, leaving you with one a lot much less chew than a normal Klondike Bar. We’re merely going to go ahead and plan on consuming a second one to make up for that missing chew.  😉